The Great Power Of Man

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“The great power of man is that he adapts to every part of the environment and that he modifies it while developing himself he unconsciously develops his own adaptation of his environment.”
Dr. Maria Montessori (Meaning of Adaptation, p.5)
Montessori start to set the environment and surroundings to the child’s size and real to help the children to move things easily without the adults help and to feel comfortable in the environment. the main model of education in human development by Montessori is divided into two main concepts 1- Children and developing is a psychological self-construction by engaging with the environment. 2- children from zero to six their psychological development is developed by observation and
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Maria Montessori understood the power of concentration, and her methodology is designed to help the child to concentrate in infants is a fragile thing but adults distracts the child in so many ways by engaging the child in the early age with Montessori activities practical life is one of the keys to help the child in independence coordination and to follow a certain steps.
The structure of the class room and the curriculum helps the child to make his own choice and independence ,the teacher is a facilitator by preparing the class room activities , give them the lesson , rain force information , guide them and redirect them so if the child wants to work on a specific area and the teacher wants to introduce anther area the teacher must be patient and wait for the child to master what he is doing then he will come to discover the other area one of the most important part for the teacher is to captive the child interest it is one of the important keys to motivate the child to explore other areas the teacher role here will be inspiring the child
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