The Great Presidents By Woodrow Wilson

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Presidential greatness isn’t necessarily determined just by success or remembrance, but is determined by the ideas that a president has and how it impacts the people. Each president sets out with an agenda to accomplish and to leave a legacy behind, however, only few presidents are remembered, celebrated, and taught about. The history of great presidents often correlates to time of war for America. This is because great presidents often emerge to the people in times of crisis, such as wars. Of the many great presidents, Woodrow Wilson, offers unique qualities such as energy, intelligence, and leadership that make him a great president. The traits of a great president are beginning to be defined first in Federalist 70 by Alexander Hamilton. In this document, Hamilton outlines the need for a strong executive branch and the need for a strong president. A trait that Hamilton believes defines a good president is a trait of strong energy; energy to protect the nation, secure the liberties, and help administer laws to help promote the stability of the nation. Hamilton argues that a “feeble executive implies a feeble execution of the government.” (Lawler). Without a strong, energetic president as the backbone to provide leadership, the country can fall into the traps of factions or anarchy, ultimately destroying the government. In addition to strength and energy, intelligence and leadership is crucial for a president to be effective and great. Leadership is a necessary quality to…
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