The Great Purge Of The Cold War

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Joseph Stalin’s determination greatly affected his leadership and led to the beginnings of the Cold War. His determination allowed him to rise to power and destroy all opposition against his reign. The Great Purge, one of the greatest terrors in history, was also done due to his determination to stay in power. This same determination led to, as well as shaped, a large quantity of the events of World War 2. His leadership was similar to the leadership of Adolf Hitler, yet because of his determination, was quite different, and quite possibly more effective. In the end his determination for power led to the events of the Cold War.

This determination greatly affected Stalin’s rise to power, and allowed him to completely decimate all opposition to his leadership. Originally, Stalin was a powerless citizen of the USSR, yet he managed to quickly rise to the top of the political field. He began his role in politics by joining the Bolsheviks in 1903. Due to his thirst for power he steadily rose through the ranks of the party and was soon the General Secretary. The Bolshevik insurrection to Russian leadership was successful and placed Stalin in a position of great power. He then used his power to isolate members of the party in an attempt to take away their power and popularity. Determined to gain absolute dominance over the other members, he caused the dismissal, and possibly the deaths, of several of his political opponents. This left him in total rule over the Communist party,
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