The Great Recession Of 2008

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The great recession of 2008 affected everyone around the world. The great Recession is considered the second worst economic crisis in American history, behind the Great Depression. The Recession of 2008 was caused by two major faults: the use of subprime lending and changes in banking culture leaning towards self interest within the banking industry. There is no doubt that subprime lending was a major cause of the Recession. It was a tactic used by investment banks in order to get more money from unsuspecting homeowners. However, lenders found out that most of the people who were qualified to have a mortgage already had one. In turn, the lenders had to lower their credit criteria for people to take out a loan on a house. This is how the term subprime lending came to be in the financial world. As a result of subprime lending, the investors were able to make millions off of these mortgages. “ Many American homeowners bought houses they could not afford, signed into mortgage agreements they could not understand or which were misleading and took equity out of homes as if they were cash machines” (Cushman 1). To illustrate this point, it requires some explanation regarding how investors made their money from subprime lending. Wall Street started bundling home mortgages and selling them to investors, so when the investors started making large amounts of money, they started to push for more mortgages. Now a mortgage is a loan that someone takes out of a lending bank to
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