The Great Red Spot Creative Writing

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With my ticket in hand along with my bags, I'm ready to board the space shuttle. I've waited countless decades for this moment. The destination inscribed on my ticket, Jupiter. Although, throughout this whole endeavor, I questioned if touring Jupiter were even possible.

We'll be passing various notable venues, but visiting the Great Red Spot is the main attraction. A vicious storm, seemingly never-ending, defying scientific logic. Transcending the width of the Earth, with wind speeds reaching 425 mph, this storm epitomizes the term destructive beauty.

There is a significant waiting period for this trip. The Deep Space Exploration
Association, or DeepSEA, prefers to do this trip when Jupiter is closest to save time, money, and resources. I've
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We knew the risks associated with this ordeal, as most of us prepared for the worse. Slowly, the instability ceased. Regaining self-awareness it was clear we had arrived on the gas giant.

Peering through the window the great red spot lies ahead, only, we were not looking at the storm from the outside, but the inside. The atmosphere had affected the navigational systems which is unprecedented. It's clear we would not make it out of the storm unscathed.

with all our might we held onto what hope we had, for giving up meant the end of us. the very cutting edge science that brought us here was going to save our asses. With navigation systems down, the only safe way was up, but the main problem is our space craft was damaged during the landing.

Our right wing broken in 2 had suffered from the immense pressure of the storm. A member on the craft said they had a method for us to get out of the red giant spot. There was one stipulation though...he wanted to be compensated for his help.

He stared directly into the crew members eyes in the most fearsome way possible and said "I'm gonna need about tree fiddy." Now it was about this time I realized this passenger was a 8 story tall crustacean from the
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