The Great Reforms Brought Russia Into The Modern Age

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Catherine the Great reforms brought Russia into the Modern Age. Her reforms brought great change in education, the work force, and in art. She was driven by her love for money and power and also providing she was truly great. Catherine the Great was an empress of Russia. When she wrote laws for Russia they were often known to be lengthy at the time of her rule. In her early years of ruling Russia according to Marc Raeff in the book “Catherine the Great” (pg.93) states that “she was fascinated by the pedagogical ideas of Enlightenment literature, gave herself over to a more expansive thought-radically changing the very mission of the public school.” The reason for this was to show how Catherine wanted to change the way children were being educated, so she decided to update the way the education system was being operated to adapt to modern times. Catherine then began to restructure the education institutions “divisions for younger children of four and five were open,” (pg.96) and parents who had let their children go to school go to school had to take an oath that they wouldn’t take them back. The purpose for this rule was to create a new family in schools. After this was put into effect Catherine then took initiative to build the first public school for women in Russia, which was one of her most important ideas as ruler. Reasons for this change was that Catherine felt both boys and girls had to be taught separately since they both had different roles in society.…

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