The Great Reset By Richard Florida

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The Great Reset by Richard Florida discusses the many issues that have occurred due to various recessions and depressions. The book provides an outlook and realistic perspective on how he perceives the current crisis will play out. Florida states that the new normal will not be as focused on cars, houses, and suburbs. We will not be as centered on the ownership society which George W. Bush discussed. This is an upsetting realization. Owning a house is not what it used to be. Growing up, owning a house was a big dream of mine. With a new economy like we are in, owning a house tends to be more of a hindrance. I can understand where his point of view is coming from. In today’s society you have to be able to have a flexibility, which sometimes involves moving to a new place. Renting houses or apartments is going to become the greater choice. Many of the resets in the past have recovered and actually brought about some good aspects. For instance, the first reset gave us a technological revolution where energy systems were created and many crucial inventions were made. This reset also helped in terms of transportation. Transit systems became an important mode of transportation and they have become such an important mode of transportation in big cities. Through these times of reset, there has been a large increase in immigration. Although many people viewed this as another way for jobs to be taken away, it has had beneficial aspects. Many cities grew larger and more
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