The Great Shots With My Own Eyes

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I have to add an asterisk here for the reason that I have not stood vigil over all golf shots in the history of the game. But you already knew that. What I have done is to pay careful attention to all the major championships since the early 1990s and have read about most of the others. Sure, it 's kind of nerdy, but I am a historian of golf. Not the greatest historian, or even a historian who has seen very many of the great shots with my own eyes; nonetheless, I have developed what I hope are some fair opinions on golf 's greatest surprises. What follows is a ranking of what I think are 10 of the best 'shock ' shots or events in the game; please add or correct me if you think I have left anything out. Bear in mind that I am biased in…show more content…
Venturi, near-delirious, managed to finish at a risk to his health and ended up the champion of a very emotional open. 5. Johnny Miller, 1973 U.S. Open. Oakmont and the word 'forgiving ' rarely collide in the same sentence. Miller, several shots back coming into Sunday, claimed to have heard a voice that told him to 'open his stance. ' He listened to it, and the result is the lowest final round ever shot in a U.S. Open. 4. Jean Van de Velde, 1999 British Open, Carnoustie. Van de Velde is a famous golfer, but not for a good reason. His only contention for a major is clouded by the fact that he triple bogeyed the final hole with a three shot lead. He got into a playoff and lost to Paul Lawrie. Personally, I always played irons off the tee in similar positions after watching this painful debacle. 3. Bobby Jones, 1930 (all majors). One of the greatest legends in the game, Jones completed the only recorded 'grand slam '; he won all four of golf 's majors in the same year. Albeit, the majors included the British and U.S. Amateur championships at the time, we can 't fault Jones. It was all that was available to him, and he won. 2. Gene Sarazen, 1935 Masters. True, they call Bobby Thomson 's homerun the 'shot heard round the world ' but the real title should go to the Squire. Sarazen holed a fairway wood for a double eagle on Augusta 's 15th hole in the
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