The Great Smokies By Daniel S. Pierce

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In the book The Great Smokies From Natural Habitat to National Park, one can see the true passion and application that the author, Daniel S. Pierce, holds for one of the United States most prized possession, the Great Smoky Mountains. Like most, he is intrigued by the incomparable beauty and thrill of the wilderness, with his main goal being to show that the propose of this national park isn’t just to protect undeveloped land but more to reclaim the wildness and all it stands for. He looks in-depth to the different land use of the smokies over time and the people who have called it home for centuries with his lager focus on the movement to turn the Great Smokies in to the national park it is today. The authors purpose is clear and concise. Pierce tells, in a factual tense but a semi-narrative one, the truths and rumors that surround the entirety of how the Great Smokies became more than just wilderness and into a revered National Park. The chapter design is broken down in a timeline of how the idea came into fruition and the eventual presidential decree and the challenges that approached the construction of modern day Great Smoky Mountain National Park. In chapter 1 he begins with “Approximately eight thousand years ago, humans first entered the land now known as the Great Smoky Mountain National Park” and the final chapter starting with “Welcome to Mankind!”. Even the chapter titles give small insights into what will follow in the chapters. The development, as previously

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