The Great Wall Of China

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Organizations In the human nature, people tend to unite with each other to create a sense of bonding with each individual, which has been proven by the start of humanity. Through out history of civilization, the bonding of individuals is the key of improvements and evolution to collectively achieve the objectives. The Great Wall of China is an example of the history of the success goal of organization. Ming dynasty, Zhengtong Emperor has forced approximately 2 to 3 millions labor to build the defense wall to protect the empire and also border control that could encourage trade. With the Zhengtong Emperor led the organization of collective effort of the people, the result is 8851.8 kilometers of defense wall, with combined of previous built great wall is 21,196 kilometers, becoming the greatest men built architecture since human civilization. When individual joined and collaborate to dedicated to their own community and devoted them self to improve the community as a whole, which could have defined as organizations. Organization is when a group of people that is structured, managed, and led to pursue collective goals with varies structure methods. The Great Wall is built under the dictatorship organization, which this system of organization might not be practically moral in the modern society standards. However, The Great Wall has proved its success by the leadership Zhengtong Emperor that led building something that human seems impossible to make and pushed to the limit

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