The Great War And Affected Persia And Central Asia Essay

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The sick man of Europe was seen by the majority of European powers as the oldest and most decrepit power in the Near East: however, many pay little attention to an even older man east of the Euphrates: Persia. This ancient kingdom, no longer seen as the awe-inspiring superpower of Classical times, was used by the powers around it as a stepping stone to further their own self-interest through diplomatic, military and political machinations. Chief amongst these opportunists were the tsars of Russia and the crown of Britain; in a fashion typical of Great Powers of the day they exploited any perceived weaknesses as an opportunity to exert their influence over any area that might defer some advantage. This paper will examine the Great Game, the political and diplomatic confrontations between the two European powers throughout the 19th century; further, this paper will examine how this event played into the Great War and affected Persia and Central Asia. It is important to note the origins of the Qajar dynasty and the factors that a Persian Shah would have had to consider when ruling. Prior to the establishment of the Qajar Shahdom in 1785, their long-time adversaries the Zand dynasty ruled over Persia who galloped into power at the head of a rival tribal federation in typical fashion of the region . It is important to note that the majority of people under the rule of the Persian Shahs were not in fact Persian but instead were multiple ethnically and culturally diverse tribes
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