The Great War Of 1914

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You are listening to WBML- 95.5 FM live broadcasting on your radio dial. I am Alice Jordan reporting your evening news on the Great War of 1914. Woodrow Wilson was the 28th President of the United States during World War one. The outbreak of the Great War of 1914, also known as World War I, started with the assassination of Austria Archduke Franz Ferdinand, who was shot to death by Gavrilo Princip (Columbia Southern University, (CSU), n.d.). The Prime Minister of Great Britain during the Great War was David George Lloyd (CSU, n.d.). World War1 was the very first modern and trench war, as well as, the last war governed by European traditional Monarchies (CSU, n.d.). Also, World War I created political dislodgments socially and economically that assisted in reshaping the Americans life, even after Armistice Day (Faragher, Buhle, Czitrom, & Armitage, 2009). The global effect of World War I involving the U.S. in regards to other countries in the world remained profound (Faragher, B, C, & A, 2009). However, during the Great War on the home front, mixed reviews surfaced concerning the war. Several groups feared for their love ones that were miles and miles away fighting in the war (CSU, n.d.). During the Great, War women were given opportunities that were not available before World War I, such as being able to be active participants in the war (America’s Great War, 2002). Listen radio audience, Can you believe the government, the military, and male organizations
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