The Great War Of World War I

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The Great War also considered to be World War I, although not initially named that due to not knowing that there would have been a second one. The war lasted from 1914-1918 and was one of the most violent wars known to history. Before war broke out many of these countries were flourishing economically and wanting to advance their country. During this time period many of the countries were unified and if there was one country that were to engage in war with one then it would cause a major war. A major reason this war took place was due to Germany becoming a major player and was a more unified than it ever had been. Although Otto Von Bismarck at that time was not his interest to expand the German territory. During this time many alliances were made and a few of them didn’t quite develop and stay true to one another. An example of this is the Three Emperor’s League, which consisted of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Russia. Germany later left Russia, and kept their alliance with Austria-Hungary while obtaining Italy as one of their allies, this was called the Triple-Alliance. Germany got out on top on this alliance as it strengthen German power against France as well as balancing the power in the Baltics. Due to Germany leaving out Russia the Reinsurance Treaty was made stating that Germany would remain neutral if Russia went to war with the Baltics and if Germany would go to war with France. This was a smart play and benefitted all parties. While Kaiser Wilhelm refused to

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