The Great War

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Many factors lead to great tensions in Europe, sparking the desideratum for a war. This war, other sagacious ken as 'The Great War', occurred in 1914 until 1918. It had many famous battles, such as The Battle of Tannenberg, a battle of many casualties, especially for the Russia. The war was mainly fought between the members of the Triple Alliance and the members of The Triple Entente. Eventually, countries such as the USA joined in. Rivalries between countries, arguments over imperia, and an arms race are the causes of the European tensions that lead to the war. A cause thought to of sparked the war was the shooting of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, next in line to the Austro-Hungarian throne, by a Serbian terrorist in Bosnia. This caused World War 1.
Some of the things that triggered WW1 were; coalitions composed between countries in precedent conflicts, imperialism, and nationalism in some cases and, more minuscule crises that caused a ripple effect. All these factors caused tension that determinately spilled over with the assassination of Austrian archduke, Franz Ferdinand and his wife.
There were three alliances that went into WW1. The Triple Alliance with Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy had a full offensive-defensive alliance. This meant if any of the III got in a war, even if they started it themselves, the other 2 were bound to junction in the war on their behalf. Also, Russia and France had a defensive bond. This…

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