The Great War Was A Cause Of World War I

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The Great War was a result of our leader’s aggression towards other countries which brought about and supported the rising of nationalism of the different nations. Imperial competition and the fear of war prompted our military alliances to get ready for war.
Nationalism was a cause of World War I. Nationalism could have been explained as an extreme form of patriotism and loyalty to your county, nationalism placed the all of their interested above all the other countries and thought that somehow they were better in many ways then others. If you were nationalism you were given excessive confidence in your nation, as well as the governments and you’re military. The government always let the people know that their country was fair, righteous and without blame. Nationalist ideas demonized rival nations, caricaturing them as aggressive, scheming, deceitful, backward or uncivilized. They convinced many citizens their nation was being threatened by the plotting, scheming and hungry imperialism of its rivals. Nationalist and militarist assured people that if war erupted, their nation would emerge victorious and that they would always win because they believed that they could win no matter what. Pre-war nationalism was fueled by wars, imperial conquests and rivalry, political rhetoric, newspapers and popular culture, such as ‘invasion literature’ written by penny press novelists.
Imperialism had a large role in paving the road to World War I because monarchy ruled over a large number
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