The Great War : World War I

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The Great War: World War I World War I, otherwise known as the Great War, began as a small battle that eventually developed into a prodigious uproar between several countries. WWI’s beginnings are controversial and historians throughout the world have several theories about the destructive event. Said to be one of the most disastrous and ruinous struggles between nations, The Great War lasted from July 1914 until November 1918. Referred to as a World War because of the global participation and the international unsettle; this war was exacerbated by 7 million casualties. World War I introduced modern technologies including weaponry and nuclear machinery from opposing forces known as Central Powers against the Allied powers. To begin World War I’s outbreak is said to be contributed to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, a potential heir to the throne of the Austria-Hungary Empire. The Black Hand group of Serbia was responsible for the assassination. The Austrian Government initially after Archduke Ferdinand’s death chose to give Serbia an ultimatum. The Serbians were given the option to surrender their independence to Austria or go to war. Serbia chose war. This particular unsettle would lead to a chain of events causing the First World War to begin less than a month later. The battle initially involved several countries in Europe and the conflict had potential to become a European War. While many countries formerly chose to stay neutral to the turn of event,

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