The Great White Shark Essay

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The Great White Shark Beginning with the simplest one-celled organism, an extraordinary animal rose in the murky waters entitled to a non-comparable killing-eating machine. This organism has become nature’s most genuine and most successful creature that it has remained unchanged for over 250 million years. Nature finally invented the perfect king of the sea. This animal has given the sea it’s “living” adjective; in turn, it was entitled—the “great white shark.”

The Great White Shark derived from a series of evolutionary advancements that took several billion years. It began with the derivation of the vertebrates—the Phylum
Chordata. Here, the Class Agnotha came to existence. Some features of Agnotha are the presence of a
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The great white shark has two types of muscles-red and white. Red muscle is aerobic; thus, it needs oxygen to function. This muscle contains myoglobin. The main function of the red muscles is used just for swimming. The white muscle is anaerobic-doesn’t need oxygen. White muscles primarily function for sudden bursts of speed when attacking a prey.

One cannot forget to realize the teeth of the great white, as well as its powerful jaw structure. The teeth are actually modified, enlarged placoid scales. The teeth aren’t anchored in the jaw; they are just embedded on the gums. Unfortunately, when the great white shark eats on its prey, it sometimes loses or breaks the tooth by the flesh. Luckily, sharks have developed a special feature that enables it to replace its missing tooth. They have developed rows of teeth, each tooth moving up to replace the missing one. A whole broken row of teeth can be replenished, just like a conveyor belt. Each tooth, though, has a different shape, changing according to its necessity. The great white has triangular, serrated-edged teeth anywhere from one to two inches long. With this feature, the shark is able to tear through the flesh for its meal. The jaw of the shark is made up of strong bone tissue. It must be very powerful because the shark is designed for feeding.

In link to the teeth is the shark’s olfactory sense,
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