The Great Wide Sea Essay

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The book “The Great Wide Sea” is written by M. H. Herlong, this book talks about three young children named Ben, Dylan, Gerry. The three young boys lose their mother on a car accident where their dad had sold the house they lived in and sail in the Bahamas for a whole year. During their sailing, one morning they suddenly lost their father. Starting of the book the three boys start off with their family traveling to the Bahamas sea. Are the boys able to survive on their own?Ben’s dad had decided to travel down to their house next to the Bahamas, but not everything goes as planned during this life. Their mom who was a hard-working woman who would always make fun of their dad for making poems has died in a car accident the first thing they got there. The family’s planned didn’t go as planned as they expected. Their father had pulled the boys, Ben, Dylan, Gerry out of school and make other destination in Florida and live on a boat for a whole year. The boat they lived on was named the Chrysalis, she was a little bit of busted and the boys were unimpressed on what they had to deal with. It was rough sailing on a boat where the boys and the dad wouldn’t get along together. Their dad was being a real pill and everybody else had to have their own space. Fortunately,…show more content…
The boys get off the boat and wait to get rescued by a team, everything was going out going until Dylan falls off from a cliff when Ben and Gerry had realized that he’s off gathering hawk eggs (paragraph #30). Two Days after Dylan had gotten sick, so they decided to sail back to the sea since they noticed nobody can help them out. The Boys, Ben, Dylan, and Gerry had noticed that dad has been back. He had been rescued after he had fallen off the boat. Ben had said “I hate your guts dad!” and dad had taken a job on a boat, refusing to take a plane back to their old home. And now Ben, Dylan and Gerry plus Dad buy a better boat, but.... Now only for the
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