The Greater Power, The More Dangerous The Abuse

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“The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse.” Edmund Burke described his view on power in a way that many people could agree upon. When we have more power than people, we tend to abuse our power to get ahead of or degrade others. I choose the Family Ties project because I wanted to do two things: talk with my family and learn about their experiences, either negative or positive, with power. Talking with my family, especially my grandparents, is something I love to do. This project gave me even more reasons to go see my grandparents and talk with them.
For this project, I interviewed four individuals in my family. For my grandparents’ generation, I chose both my grandmother, Mary Shoudel, and my grandfather, Larry Shoudel. My
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Since my grandparents have poor handwriting, I decided to make the family tree online. I made three separate family trees. The first one was the one I made from memory. The next one was my mother’s since my father knows very little about his family tree. Then the last one was my grandmother. After the family trees were done, I printed them out. I gave my family tree to my mother and had her check my work. Then my mother’s family tree was given to my grandmother.
Second, after looking over and discussing the family tree, I took them and created a large family tree on a poster board. In the family tree, the blue square is ego, or me. Purple circles are females and yellow triangles are males. The dots in between shapes show marriage. A slash through a shape shows that that family member is deceased. Inside the shapes are the family member 's birth name, birth date, and, if they are deceased, death date. If we do not know their birth or death date, it is left blank. In order to indicate which generation added who, the shapes are outlined in colors. The shapes outlined in green are the family members I knew from memory. Orange represents the family members my mother added. Lastly, pink represents the family members my grandmother added. To show who participated in my project, interviewee or family tree maker, a black star was placed on the bottom right of the family member’s shape.
After the family trees were finished, the interviewing began. The interviewing
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