The Greatest Accomplishment Of Lance Armstrong At The Tour De France

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The seven time victories of Lance Armstrong at the Tour de France proved to be an unforgettable accomplishment that has inspired individuals to part take in the sport of cycling. This triumph, however, spurred curiosity and scandal on whether Armstrong had taken performance enhancing drugs to achieve his victories. The use of performance enhancers has been a debate sparking controversy among the industries of professional sports. Advocates of the legalization of performance enhancing drugs in professional sports believe that it will result in an increase of fans, elevate athlete’s skills, and expand economic sport profits. In contrast, protesters of performance enhancing drugs believe that it will lose fans (due to game deception), risk athlete’s health, and bankrupt sports’ businesses.
Before justifying the rights and wrongs on legalizing performance enhancers in professional sports, one must know the mechanics behind sports (cycling) and how doping begins. In any sports, athletes are put through extensive and rigorous training which deem to be physically demanding and arduous. Looking at the Tour de France, professional cyclists must sit on a bike and pedal for 300 miles of constants uphills while competing with other cyclists for first place. The mental and physical pressure of competitive sports causes the human body to become fatigued. For this reason, professional athletes rely on performance enhancing drugs for extra strength in order to compete vigorously.…

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