The Greatest Accomplishments of the Pax Romana?

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The Pax Romana A golden age is a period of cultural accomplishments brought on by economic prosperity and relative peace. The Roman empire experienced a golden age after the fall of the Roman Republic, arguably one of the greatest golden ages in history. The Pax Romana began in 27 B.C. and it reigned for 200 years before falling. The Pax Romana was a time of great prosperity with many accomplishments. The Pax Romana was not only significant because of the amount of wealth and power it wielded at the time, but it also contributed an enormous amount to society today. These contributions can be seen in many things like literature, currency, religion, medicine, etc. These accomplishments is what made them thrive during their golden age and help us thrive today. Their advanced society is one of the many things that shapes us today .Some of their greatest accomplishments were the architecture and their strong military and government. There were some important accomplishments in architecture and political and military structure that greatly influenced us today. The most important and influential of these achievements was the peace and stability they achieved. During the extended peace, Rome's architecture flourished. The architecture glorified Rome and was extremely advanced during the time period. Rome designed and built large, amazing architectural structures. They had great success and built many
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