The Greatest American Company

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On April 1, 1976, one of the greatest American companies was created: Apple Incorporated. From that point on, tablets were never the same. Apple has paved the way for tablet devices in the field of technology. Apple is mostly known for their Macintosh computers, which were first unveiled on January 4, 1984, but on April 3, 2010 Apple outdid themselves once again with the the invention of the iPad. The iPad is an all-in-one tablet-like device. With the iPad learning is able to “go way beyond the classroom” ( With the invention of the iPad, it has changed the way people learn, especially in the field of education. The iPad has become a revolutionary tool in the field of education. iPads make up 94 percent of the tablet market for the education sector (Schaffhauser 1). The iPad has numerous uses from storing multiple textbooks to being able to use a cloud based word processing application. The iPad is capable providing “over 65,000 apps just for education, interactive books on every subject, and speeches, virtual tours, and videos from experts and institutions around the world” ( The possibilities of the iPad are endless: Students don’t just watch, listen, or read with iPad — they create with it. iPad comes with powerful apps that turn every assignment into something big. A multimedia presentation. A photo documentary. A riveting research project. Suddenly, the work they need to do becomes work they want to do — on a device
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