The Greatest Auto Manufacturing Company, Ford Motor Company

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Go Further. What does that statement actually mean? To many, it may interpret into the act of pursuing their wants or needs or it could also mean breaking the limits of prior creativity and experiences. What this statement can easily be correlated to what founded this country, freedom. Freedom both describes the greatest country in the world, America, but it also arguably the greatest auto-manufacturing company, Ford Motor Company. Ford’s history is so extensive and rich, that it has influenced American lifestyle as well.
It all began more than 150 years ago when William Ford emigrated from the southern part of Ireland. Due to the harsh conditions of the potato famine during the mid 1840s, the left for the New World. William’s paternal
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This is one of his early astounding accomplishments that baffled people that heard the tail.
Henry knew that he could never become a farmer, so in 1879 at the age of 16, he left the farmstead for Detroit. He worked as an apprentice in a mechanic shop while he also studied bookkeeping. While he was there, he became very comprehensive with steam engines and the infrastructure of these machines. This was one of the many stepping stones that took Mr. Ford where he ended up. As he enjoyed his time working, he also found a woman that he would soon marry in 1888, Clara Bryant. He quit his apprenticeship, and moved back to his father’s homestead to help with the farm. Henry had no desire to stay on a farm, and started looking for work back in Detroit with his new wife. Due to his already extensive work portfolio, it was not hard for Henry to obtain a secure job at a substation for Edison Illuminating Company. He worked his way up through the company and made nearly $1,000 a year after climbing the corporate ladder. Henry and Clara now having a steady income, decided to have their first and only child, Edsel. He was born on November 6, 1893. Henry is starting to make a name for himself due to the constant promotions; he becomes very well known across the city of Detroit. In his spare time, Henry is working on his very own machine, the Ford Quadricycle. After Henry had
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