The Greatest Communication Revolution Of The Internet For Educational Purposes

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Recent studies have indicated that students nowadays spend a considerable amount of time on the Internet for educational purposes. (Lenhart, Madden & Hitlin, 2005) Today, nobody discusses the importance of technology in the actual life; it has become the greatest communication revolution since the invention of printing. Human being uses in their everyday behaviour an immense rage of contributions of technology, it can be refer to the simplest such as mobile phone, clock, books, newspaper that gives an important exchange of information. Society is now absorbed by social media and the style of life coexists with the messages that transmit mass media. Moreover, technology has an important impact on socialization, education and professional life: Habits/customs and the influence of ideas (Maestres, 2007). All areas and activities of human behaviour have been influenced and affected by technology development. Methods of communication are a powerful educational tool with the advantages and disadvantages. But educate it is not the only purpose and though the internet, academic achievement has been related with many negatives outcomes. This essay will evaluate and analyse the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of technology in the academic world and how students will approach the real world of work. Academic people recognize that technology and methods of communication is an important tool that build up and complement academic achievement, and the lack of this technology may lead

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