The Greatest Communicator Of All Time Is God

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The greatest communicator of all time is God. He shares his values and beliefs on effectively communication throughout the Bible. These joint values and beliefs act as a positioning mechanism to direct us in building and maintain relationships by thinking and acting like as He would. Honesty and integrity are essential to all communication, primarily communication of performance measures in the workplace. It sets the stage for trust and success in business. The Bible unveils fundamental principles to communicating with honesty and integrity, even in the face of adversity. Ideological practices to ensure managers are honest and truthful in measuring performance include clear communication, accountability, respect, and being a role model.
Good managers are continuously clear when communicating with staff. Open and honest communication is most advantageous in the workplace and helps in building trusting relationships with employee. In addition, strategic and continuous communication lends credibility to the organization’s leadership, while on the other hand, lack of communication or poorly communicated information can lead to distrust, dissatisfaction, skepticism, cynicism and unwanted turnover (Human Resources, 2011). A best practice to communicating with honesty is by having an open door policy. An open door policy builds trust among managers and employees and allows employees and managers to give and receive feedback amicably, as well as, discuss policies and…

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