The Greatest Competitive Advantage Of Human Beings

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Human beings have always been a highly adaptable species. First, when our hunter-gather ancestors started constructing tribal villages to farm 8000 years ago. Then building on larger scale cities that consume greater amounts of resources. Over the course of this time, we can see that our species have been in competition with other animals for food and space. During this period, we developed technology for the very means to make our lives’ easier. Rob Nelson from the website Untamed Science best put it this way “we have intellect, which is the greatest competitive advantage to be had. We can use our brains to build tools and technologies that make us seemingly undefeatable. Later the author noted, “Our utilitarian attitude has cost us millions and millions of acres of forests, wetlands, coral reefs, and other precious habitats around the globe.” (Nelson, 2013). With this technology create a demand a fuel source to power it. Humans have long sought after a cheap, plentiful fuel source that could power such machines. We chose the whale at first to fuel our industry because they were considered to be “swimming oil wells” (Mcnamra, 2016). As a group, we almost hunted the animal to extinction until Edwin Drake drilled the first petroleum well in 1859 (Spindletop, 2016). With this discovery would fuel the massive industrial revolution later in the century. Without a doubt, man has benefited from the progress he has made. However, there is a cost associated with the progression.
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