The Greatest Day Of My Life

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Everyone needs some form of escape from reality. While this varies from person to person, with the entertainment business booming, it is safe to infer that many find their comfort with movie theatres. Many of these people like to be engulfed by the story of their movie. My escape, however, comes from just being inside the theatre. There is something magical about theatres that keeps bringing me back. The first time I vividly remember going to the movies was when the second Harry Potter movie released. I finally watched the first movie on our brand new DVD player and read the four books that had been released. When the Saturday came to go to the Edwards in Irvine, I woke up extra early to make terrible pancakes for everybody (this is also a time when I wanted to be a chef). I begged my parents to take to me to the nearby 7-11 to buy all the candy that we were going to sneak in the theatre. I knew that this was going to be the greatest day of my life. While I know now my parents were reluctant to spend all that money, I know that today they would not change a thing. Going to the movies in the early 2000’s for my family meant more than just watching a movie. With my mother working two jobs and my father deploying every other year to different parts of the world as a Marine, these Saturdays were a very rare occasion. Not only do I get to watch a movie, I get to spend a whole day with my family hopping from movie to movie. There were no fights, no problems, and no worries.
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