The Greatest Emotion- Somewhere I Have Never... E.E Cummings

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The Greatest Emotion In the poem “somewhere i have never...”, author E. E. Cummings personifies the feeling of love and the almost mysterious and uncontrollable supremacy it seems to have over men. The poem is referring to the ability of the author’s, what seems to be, lover to affect him with “[her] most frail gesture[s] are things which me” (3). And yet, the author starts the poem by referencing his inexperience with love and almost expresses a wonder to this new experience (Cummings, 1). Within this poem, Cummings paints the imagery of love in almost every line. He begins describing his emotions, and himself, as “closed... fingers" (6), trying to hide himself from the emotions he has “never travelled” (1). The image of hands…show more content…
In line eight, the author describes the way “Spring opens... her first rose” (7-8) as “mysterious.” However, the way the rose opens is not the only thing the author is describing as mysterious; he is also describing the passion he feels about his lover as something mysterious, something he does not understand. Also, the author describes the “power of [her] fragility” as what possesses true control. However, when one thinks of something that is fragile, one does not picture it as having power, yet this is where the complexity of the true emotion comes in. The sentiment of love is one of the most powerful thing known to mankind; it has the power to lead men to war, yet the slightest crack can cause it to shatter in an instant. Love is the single most powerful emotion that man can feel and the author’s word choice not only exemplifies it’s complexity, but also emphasizes in sensitivity. Love is one of nature’s hardest emotions to comprehend. And at the same time, it is the most powerful and most sensitive one. By personifying it’s complexity and complete control over man, the author expresses his inexperience with this emotion. By expressing nature’s control over flowers, he reveals the true mystery of love, while expressing his inexperience with this passion. By using the images of nature he painted in the reader’s mind as symbols, he personifies this emotion, and exemplifies the true
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