The Greatest Era Of American History

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If I had the fortuity to adventure to any place or time of my choosing, I would undoubtedly select, what I believe to be, the greatest era of American history. This was a time when every man’s fingerprint set a precedent for the future of American government. The age where citizens gallantly fought for revolution from their oppressors, nobly laying down their lives for freedom for their descendants. A generation that turned a moment into a movement by discovering their voices and utilizing them to shape a new nation that they got to build. I would travel to watch the birth of America in the 18th century. Although other choices in romantic Europe and ancient China would tempt me because of my other roots, America is my home. America has gotten to watch me grow up, so I would like to return the favor and witness the birth of my nation. I would walk the streets of New York before it was mutilated by flashy signs and taxicabs, and hear shouts of revelation from men in the streets instead of profanation. Citizens then were involved in their government, and would exercise their right to vote instead of taking it for granted. Men, women, and children alike would sit and listen attentively for hours on end to political addresses and speakers who advocated for change. The middle class knew about bills that were being passed and the state of foreign affairs. All of the social classes spoke to each other with an air of sophistication and linguistic maturity that has been contorted in
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