The Greatest Generals During The American Civil War

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On January 21, 1824 around midnight in Clarksburg, Virginia, now West Virginia, one of the South’s greatest Generals during the American Civil War was born. This was Thomas Johnathan Jackson, also known as Stonewall Jackson. He was the third born out of four siblings. His parents were Julia Beckwith Neale and Johnathan Jackson (Stonewall Jackson). Jackson’s childhood was very rough. When he was two, his father and older sister died of typhoid fever within the same year. The death of his father caused his mother to be widowed and left with little money and many debts. To support her, now three, children, she sewed and taught. Not only that, in order for her to fix the financial issues, she was forced to sell their property and home. In…show more content…
During this, Jackson was a part of Major General Winfield Scott’s army. He participated in the Siege of Veracruz and the campaign against Mexico City (T.J. “Stonewall” Jackson). While fighting, he earned two Brevet promotions and a permanent tittle of First Lieutenant. He also was a part of the assault of Chapultepec Castle. There, he again proved himself and was ranked up to Major (American Civil War: Lieutenant General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson). Jackson then returned to the United States post war and accepted a teaching job at Virginia Military Institute in Lexington. He was a Professor of Natural and Experimental Philosophy and also an Instructor of Artillery. Although, his students were not fond of him. In the time of him teaching, he married twice. His first wife was the daughter of Presbyterian Minister, Dr. George Junkin, Elinor Junkin (Stonewall Jackson). Like Jackson’s mother, Elinor died of childbirth on October 22, 1854 of a stillborn son (Elinor Junkin). July 1857, after a tour of Europe, he remarried Mary Anna Morrison. Approximately two years later, they had a daughter. Unfortunately, less than a month later, the baby died (T.J. “Stonewall” Jackson). In November, Jackson got back into military life. He served as a Virginia Military Institute (VMI) officer following John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry (American Civil War: Lieutenant General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson). Due to this attack, he was ordered to provide
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