The Greatest Gift Of Life

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Throughout my life, many people try to figure out who I really am; when I didn’t even know who I was. There is one person who knows who I really am and that is my best friend, Danny. Friendship is a special love. As we all know finding a true friend is always hard. So when one is found, it is important to hang on tight. The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it. I will be remembered for being confident, strong, and a girl that had all the answers. No one had fully ever understood me or my actions, I was constantly on the move, keeping myself busy with any task or activity I could get my hands on, and I never told anyone the entire truth to why that was. My appearance to always seeming like I was confident,strong, and having all the answers to any questions could be imputed to one prevailing time period, but was separated into hundreds of different memories of my past, each with their cause and effect. However, it started with one substantial hit, afflicting me in my teenage years. I have the best friend that anyone could wish for; Danny, a lovely human being whom I’ve devoted being with and caring for. With my best friend by my side, I am a truly happy teenager with the entire world at my fingertips. I am an intelligent and quite cute, with my black curls and big dark brown eyes. This deceived a lot of people, I was a well-behaved child. I would share just enough about myself that no other questions were asked. I was able to maintain my school life and
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