The Greatest Heroes Of The War

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Born on June 20th of 1925 to a family of poor sharecroppers in small town Texas, Audie Leon Murphy had no idea he would soon be leaving for the deadliest war to ever plague the Earth. Fresh out of the horrors of the First World War, few would have thought that yet another, deadlier war was on the horizon. Even fewer would’ve thought that a farm boy from Texas would become one of the greatest heroes of the war.

Audie Murphy was by all accounts a nobody. He and his family lived a quiet life, sticking to themselves and their farms. A young Murphy would simply help outside with the farm work, almost never wanting to be indoors. Once the war broke out, Murphy felt called to serve his country. He tried on several occasions to enlist in the Armed Forces underage as he was not of legal age to enlist. With the help of his sister, Corrine, he successfully enlisted in the military at the age of 17. He was given basic training, which he completed with ease.
Audie Murphy’s first war experience was in North Africa during the Allied offensive to remove Axis forces from the top of Africa. North Africa was a very important strategic point for both forces. If the Allies were successful in their push for control, it would be a very important starting point for an invasion of Fascist Italy, and ultimately Nazi Germany. Murphy’s unit, however, saw no combat in North Africa due to the expulsion of Axis Forces from their final African foothold of Tunisia. Murphy was then sent to the island of

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