The Greatest Known Prehistoric Individual

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There is much information that is unknown to many about the world. It is reasonable that discovery would fascinate many because of the ability to gain knowledge about the world. Learning about ancestors can bring knowledge about how people in the past had lived and how it can be used to compare today 's society and culture. Written documents enhance the ability to understand the past. These references are not available before the activity writing and recording was done. This time period before writing and recording is called prehistory. In order to understand this period, one would obtain knowledge from research done by evolutionary biologists archaeologists. There was an evolutions for our ancestors called Homo sapiens. There was a paleolithic era and a Neolithic era that is significant with the transition to agriculture. When archaeologists had discovered a skeleton of a woman who died 3.2 million years ago, they had found the world 's best known prehistoric individual. This skeleton was put under the named Lucy. The skeleton was the best known prehistoric individual because it is the most complete and preserved skeleton of any human ancestor. Lucy 's species had the ability to use dexterous hands to use tools and carry objects, which may be Lucy and her species was able to survive better than other species. Similar to history, human ancestors are significant because there is the desire to learn more about the past. After the Earth was created, the first living…
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