The Greatest Living English Language Novelist

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Introduction: Naipaul, considered by many to be the greatest living English language novelist. At a very early age he grew up in Trinidad where there was lot of poverty and a population of about half a million. With this type of situation he was given the ambition to write books and novels. Naipaul and is family believed themselves to be the descendants of Hindu Brahmin, though they did not observe many of the practices and restrictions common to Brahmins in India. The family gradually stopped speaking Indian languages and spoke English at home. On October 30, 1990 Mr. Naipaul gave a lecture on “Our Universal Civilization.” Western values of tolerance, individualism, equality, and personal liberty have given birth were discussed. He describes the personal and philosophical confusion of those who find themselves torn between their native civilizations and the valued of universal civilization. Also throughout "Our Universal Civilization," Naipaul argues that the strength of the West lies precisely in its intellectual "diffidence." He contrasts the West with Islam. These often reject Western ideals yet accepts the fruits of Western progress. Naipaul mentions two of its fundamental precepts: the Golden Rule and the pursuit of happiness. Naipaul refers to the Golden Rule as a Christian idea, but it was a Confucian idea long before it was Christian. For the pursuit of happiness, he says it is arguably the basis of Buddhism. He says that a new civilization is forming, and he is
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