The Greatest Military Leaders Of The Great, Julius Caesar, George Washington

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Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, George Washington, these names are some of the most renowned in world history and are associated with great leaders. Specifically, they are considered the greatest military leaders of all time. Military leaders are probably the most romanticized type of leader, often becoming folk heroes. Leaders can be found in politics, businesses, organizations, and sports teams; their effectiveness can all be determined and explained by using the same leadership concepts as you would use to evaluate a military leader. However, military leaders are the more famous ones; not because they are better leaders, but they must lead their followers to their deaths. One could determine a military leader’s effectiveness by the number of casualties occurred, battles won, or territory conquered. Essentially, these are a military leader’s quantitative results; much like businesses leaders are judged by profits and company stock values. Although quantitative results are important, leadership is much more than this. Leadership academic, Andrew DuBrin, states in his textbook, Leadership: Research Findings, Practice, and Skills, that leadership is: “the ability to inspire confidence and support among the people who are needed to achieve organizational goals” (DuBrin 2). Although the meaning of leadership has many interpretations, DuBrin gives the fundamental definition. Military leaders are some of best leaders to study because, in order to be successful, they must…
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