The Greatest Military Of The Invaded Country

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“A general should be capable of making all the resources of the invaded country contribute to the success of his enterprise”
- Lt. Gen. Antoine Henri, Baron De Jominin

Leadership is a powerful thing when it comes to the survival of a nation. It becomes even more valuable for countries that want to concur and expand into foreign land. Such an expansion would require individuals with not only control domestically, but militarily. Men of this caliber have existed in human history and they have used their predecessors as examples to build upon. In France’s long history, no other leader has made an impact on their history than Napoleon Bonaparte. He’s known throughout the world as one of the greatest military genies of all time and
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He would do so through the practice of curry favors. Grateful of his work, the French government granted the Bonaparte family with financial benefits to send little Napoleon to school for a proper education at the military college of Brienne. Seeing a Third Estate member being accepted to a Military Academy was something unheard of.
This move suited Napoleon well. From a very young age, he had a fondness in the art of war. This is the same man who would later coin that same phrase “Art of War”. Once he was of age, Napoleon was enrolled into the Brienne-le-Chateau Military Academy where he would learn in the art of Mathematics, Latin, History, Geography, Physics, Weaponry, Fencing and many other expectable subjects when it came to a royal education of military. Early on, Napoleon’s experiences at Brienne were quite different than most who attending the Academy. Due to his early maturation in mathematics, Napoleon was granted the right to enroll ahead of time for his upper level classes because the Academy felt it would be best to challenge the young Bonaparte. It is very likely that this is where Napoleon grew very fond of not only Geometry but also the importance of geography and map making. This is where young Napoleon would see why anything around him could be used in many ways. It was also here where some at the Academy actually recommended that he’d become an engineer because of his understanding of empty space. As he furthered
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