The Greatest Moments Of Weakness

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The overwhelming evidence of God’s truth in my life seems to have come at the greatest moments of weakness. Like a gambler, who in pursuit of extreme opportunity for financial wealth, he sets himself up for a big score and must lay his cards on the table; or when, after a young man finds true romantic love in the eyes of the woman of his dreams, he risks the potential loss of the relationship in order to ask her hand in marriage, so must we be willing to risk everything in order to meet Christ. There is a necessity in life that we all must take risks, otherwise risking the possibility of never enjoying the most beautiful moments life has to offer. Risk is not a commodity of which I underestimate. If taken too lightly, risk portends to failure, and to be risk-averse will ultimately lead to death of dreams by omission. My life experience is the sum of a series of genuine, intentional decisions with regards to what is important to my wife and me, and most often keeping the end goal in mind. I love to joke and laugh, however my default mental demeanor is analytical and intellectual. Constantly thinking through circumstances and decisions, I often find myself waiting for wisdom, like a baker waits patiently for his dough to rise. Although, if there is a recipe for discernment, I’ve yet to find it. For myself, it was not a risk to follow Christ at age 22. It was a “no-brainer.” I am convinced of my righteousness in Christ, through faith in His redemptive work of sacrificial
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