The Greatest Nurse Theorists Of Modern Nursing Practice

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Nola Pender Nola Pender is believed to be one of the greatest nurse theorists of modern nursing practice. Pender’s work has been significantly integrated in to the practice of modern day nursing and her ideas have been represented in other healthcare disciplines as well. Pender’s ideas are commonly utilized in healthcare practice and provide for an increased overall wellbeing of patients. Background Nola Pender was born in 1941 in Lansing, Michigan. She began her nursing career when she graduated with a diploma in nursing in 1962 and completed her BSN at Michigan State University in 1964 (Masters 2012). She later completed a masters at Michigan State University in 1965 and a PhD at Northwestern University in 1969. During her career Pender reached several milestones and gained many accomplishments. She received a Distinguished Alumni Award from Michigan State University in 1972, an honorary doctorate of science degree from Widener University in 1992 and a Lifetime Achievement Award from Midwest Nursing Research Society in 2005. Pender is one of the co-founders of the Midwest Nursing Research Society and currently serves as a trustee to that organization. She also held a position as a professor emerita in the Division of Health Promotion and Risk Reduction at The University of Michigan School of Nursing (The University of Michigan School of Nursing, 2014). Though she is currently retired Pender still spends a great deal of her time consulting on health promotion research
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