The Greatest Significance Of The Great Barrier Reef

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The Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven wonders of the world. It extends more than 1,300 miles through the coral sea off northeastern Australia and it is even visible from outer space. It is also home to more than 400 types of coral and 1,500 species such as the tropical fish, birds, dolphins, and reptiles. The reef is not only home to the coral but it is also breeding ground for humpback whales and a habitat for endangered species. The Great Barrier Reef was listed as a protected site by the World Heritage Trust in 1981 to help maintain it’s beauty allowing for tourists to keep wanting to visit, which greatly affects the economy in Australia and more specifically to keep the marine life alive. However, the reef is undergoing huge threats which are harming the environment in it. Australia 's Great Barrier Reef is losing coral at an alarming rate and may soon lose its status as one of the world 's great natural treasures.
I think it is very important to not only know about this issue but to also do something about it. Even if you don’t live in Australia or anywhere near it you are still being affected by the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef. The reefs provide food, shelter, and protection for many different species of fish and the destruction of the reef is leaving these fish homeless and eventually to their death. Many of these fish are what feeds 30 to 40 million people each year and the money that is made from selling these fish provides families with income. Due…
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