The Greatest Strength By Jim Collins Essay

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Greatness is often sought but rarely had. Jim Collins, like many of his readers, has, however, achieved greatness in his writing of Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t. Good to Great is less of an examination of how good companies become great but more of an analysis of leadership and social skills embraced by society’s most successful through the lens of the business world. This is the book’s greatest strength; by delivering concise information that can be utilized on the personal level, Collins is able to broadcast what would normally be considered mundane business talk by most in a fashion that is both interesting and actionable to the book’s more than 4,000,000 buyers. Achieving best seller status, Good to Great aims to help individuals with a background in business, politics and other leadership backgrounds become best sellers, themselves, in their respective fields. By breaking down informational content into its simplest forms, providing ample evidence, repeatedly engaging in repetition, and by tag-lining the most important themes and ideas, Collins hits the mark. Good to Great is methodical in its approach of conveying its information. Each chapter has a prevailing theme that focuses in on a key area such as “the hedgehog concept” which Collins suggests businesses use to determine the model under which they will operate. Additionally, each chapter seems distinct, yet related to the preceding and succeeding one, lacing the book together
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