The Greatest Threat Of Saudi Arabia

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MICCC 16-009
CH (MAJ) Martin, William A.
23 September 2016 “God is great, death to America, death to Israel, curse the Jews,” this is a translation of the Houthi flag. They a are religious militant political movement based in Saada, in northern Yemen called. Houthis by their founder, Hussein al-Huthi, who was killed by Yemeni forces in 2004. This paper will discuss why Iran, working with militant organizations such as the Houthis is the greatest threat to Saudi Arabia.
We wonder, what are the implications of the fall of Sanaa on Gulf security in general, and Saudi Arabia in particular? Yemen has geographical limits equal to 1485 km, it is the fourth Arab country after Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq, which has fallen because of Iranian support to the Houthis.
Houthis dominated Imran, then surrounded Sanaa and made demands of the Yemeni government and military as they began to see farther and bigger ambitions. Houthis took control of the levers of government, the Yemeni Headquarters of Security, and sided with senior Yemeni Army commanders who had been fired on treason and corruption charges. They then entered government institutions in Yemen. They took control of the oil refinery in Marib and marched to the port of Hodeida, in an attempt to extend their influence from the west coast of Yemen up to the Strait of Bab el-Mandeb. They also refuse to attended negotiations and are today demanding
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