The Greek Goddess Of Love

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One day, through the mist of the morning, an angelic creature pranced through the forest. She had hair that shone like the sun and brilliant sapphire eyes. Her smile was charming yet mysterious. Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, was the name of this individual and she was on her way to see the man she longed for. For quite some time, she had her eye on a mortal who went by the name of Adonis. He was a level-headed man who had a passion for art. Something about his innocence and simplicity attracted Aphrodite. He lived in a cabin directly in the middle of the woods. She watched him from afar for many months, but never had the nerve to approach him. Today was different though. As the goosebumps on Aphrodite 's skin appeared, her heart skipped a beat at the thought of grasping his hand and gazing into his warm, dark eyes. She could no longer hold this feeling inside, she had to speak to him. She timidly approached while hiding behind trees and tiptoeing through the leaves. Adonis was immersed in his painting and was too occupied to see her. Through the doorway, she sailed noiselessly. Adonis turned to snatch a paintbrush, but he stopped in mid-air. Though he was startled, to say the least, he never felt such peace in his entire life. “You are an angel!” he marveled. “No, not exactly,” She corrected him, “My name is Aphrodite, and I am the Greek goddess of love.” “A goddess?” he stammered nervously, “Normally I would doubt such a claim, but you are
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