The Greek Island Of Crete

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Located on the Greek island of Crete is the ancient Palace of Knossos. It is found on the outskirts of the modern day city, Heraklion. The city of Knossos, as shown below, is directly focused in the centre of Crete and is slightly off the north coast. Even more so, it is situated south of the Greek mainland.

Knossos, in simplistic terms, is an ancient Minoan palace and surrounding city on the island of Crete, where it was sung of by Homer in his Odyssey. The marvelled settlement was established in 1900 BCE and was later destroyed by a combination of factors, such as earthquakes and invading Mycenaean’s. However, it was rebuilt to its former glory. The palace covered an area of 22,000 square meters, which was complimented by multistorey buildings with an elaborate layout. Before its discovery, Knossos was considered as a city of myth. Evidently, this immediately changed once this ancient society was unearthed to reveal the mysteries that were for years left unknown. To this day, the reconstructed palace is on display for tourists from around the world to gain an insight into the ancient Minoan society.

The excavations at Knossos were executed into three main dating periods: 1900-1931, 1957-1960, 1969-1970. The initial investigation of this site that began in 1900, however, comprised of the most important discoveries. The excavations at Knossos were extensive, in which multiple archaeologists were required to unearth this grand piece of…

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