The Greek Of The Spartan Constitution

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"It seems all of Greece knows what is the right thing to do, but it is only the Spartans that do anything about it." This was a quote of an older man who was trying to find a seat in the Olympic games and only the Spartans stood up to allow him to sit down. Ancient Spartans were known as fierce warriors, and they follow this trait, with how they treated their slaves, law, and military power. The upbringing of the Spartans describes a lot of who they were, they took pride in themselves and were very patriotic to their city state. Other Greek-Cities were impressed and envied how Spartans fostered a sense of country, and a collective society, instead of being individuals. Spartans, being a Greek- City that was like no other, stated its goals clearly, its citizens were loyal, and the other Greek-Cities were amused of how much power it gave its women. Xenophon, who was an Athenian that later got exiled for favoring the Spartans, wrote The Spartan Constitution, which has explained to us the social, political, and a structured society based solely on the military. The Spartan Constitution also gives us a glimpse of the success and failures, from their way of life, unstable population, and simply just having one way of life. First of all, the Spartan agoge is basically the upbringing of a Spartan citizen. This term is important because everything that revolved in Sparta had to do with how they were raised. From the beginning of their life, they already had a social role in their…

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