The Greeks : The World 's First Inventors Of Democracy, Politics, And Art

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The Greeks The Greeks laid the foundation to Western Civilization and were one of the world’s first inventors of democracy, politics, Philosophy, science, and art. During the time of the Greeks, it would see some of the world’s most significant leaders and politicians. People like Themistocles and Pericles who would lead them in war against the Spartans and others. Great thinkers such as Socrates, who lead the Greeks during its last great empire. Athens would soon rise to greatness during the second invasion of Greece by the Persian Army, but on the backs of its traders, farmers and its military. Athens was the heart of the culture revolution that would spread across the world. One of the first leaders during this time was a gentleman by the name of Cleisthenes. He was credited with reforming the constitution of Athens and sending it into a democratic setting. Cleisthenes was brought up from birth to be a ruler and lived a privileged lifestyle. He and his family alike would use gold to gain power during his reign. Cleisthenes was one of the first to send Athens into an empire and believed that people should have freedom to govern themselves. During Cleisthenes time there were over 1,000 cities divided into city states which were all independent, each with its own culture and never to be political unified. He had conquered surrounding regions near Athens totaling more than 4,000 square miles. Cleisthenes tried to further his democracy by out siting Hippias. Hippias had
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