The Green Bottle

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I ran. My bare feet smacked the damp out of the sand, spraying my legs as I ran. The red faceless moon laughed spitefully at me, the fiery glow no longer looked wondrous. My lungs felt heavy; I choked struggling for breath. But I couldn’t stop running. I stood alone on the Spanish beach of Torredembarra. The tide bowed before the sand carrying the inky reflection of the twilight sky. The rhythmic lapping of the sea whispered to me, coaxing the secrets from my defenceless mind. I stared out into the endless ocean transfixed by its depth. It made me think how old the salty waters are and wonder how many other souls have stood before it senselessly confessing their unspoken troubles mesmerised by its deadly grace. Above the moon hung, suspended by the star. A dull silver globe master to the wild tide bellow. A sudden explosion of red. Wonder stole my breath as I watched the fractured reflection of the moon bleed from a sombre white to a stark red. I glanced up at crimson moon ablaze with a million shades of violent red. Something cold tapped my foot pulling me from my trance with a spark of fear. Terror screamed through, veins and pounded at my heart. I stumbled backwards. I tripped and fell down into the sand. My weight shattered the thin layer of water scattering droplets into an airborne constellation of salty tears. They shimmered red against the moon held briefly before cascading back down upon me. The beads of liquid viciously tore icy wet streaks across my skin. Pain
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