The Green Island Environmental Report

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GREEN ISLAND ENVIRONMENTAL REPORT Overview: The Green Island is situated approximately 27km offshore Cairns Queensland. It stands to be 12 hectares in size being only the coral cay with a rainforest. The island ranges from tropical to wet season within the months of January to March bringing an average annual rainfall of about 2m. It is formed by the wave action pushing rubble debris onto leeward side (calm side) of a reef flat and with perfect conditions these debris and rubbles grow into a small island. Tourism rationales for development on Green Island can benefit in employment opportunities, socio-economic development of areas which would help foster economic activities around the island. Environmental best practice refers to the applications used in the most appropriate and beneficial way in the combination of environmental control measures and strategies. Green Island follows the regulations in relation to environmental best practice however the need for such applications to be developed is increasing as carbon emissions in the world are increasing which is why the objective of not leaving behind a carbon footprint needs to be achieved by Green Island. The small Danish island of Samsoe is another project similar to Green Island where CO2 neutrality is the goal to be achieved, however, at the moment car emissions are not as effective in terms of best practices therefore in order to counter such a pollution problem electric cars have been recommended. Green Island
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