The Green Knight and King Arthur Essay

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The Green Knight and King Arthur

Many British literature writers of the Middle Ages wrote about reality of the Middle Ages including the social, political, and economical styles of writing. During the Middle Ages, chivalry was a big aspect of every day life. Chivalry, a word not rarely used in modern times anymore in the same fashion it was before, is defined as, "the code of life that defined the qualities of knighthood, such as honor, courage, loyalty, and willingness to defined the weak and protect women." (English & Western Literature Text) The Middle Ages were known to be the times of knights, kings, and queens and fighting for their country for pride for the king. Loyalty was a major part of chivalry and thus was a part of
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Paul's, determined to get for him the sword which was lodged in the stone." (p.118) This states that Arthur did not want to back out since he was doing the deed for his brother out of pure loyalty for him. He tugged the sword without trouble and successfully was made king with some trouble from others who wanted to be king. The others who tried but failed, did not believe that someone so young could succeed the throne instead of them. They did not have any loyalty towards Arthur at first, which put off the crowning for a while but not until Arthur successfully again retrieved the sword out of the stone did the others bow down to him. They were finally going to become loyal to their real king; King Arthur. "The nobles, knowing in their hearts that the commoners were right, all knelt before Arthur and begged for forgiveness for having delayed his succession for so long." (p.120) This quote tells the reader that the nobles begged for their forgiveness by kneeling down before him in search of becoming loyal again. In the second part of this story, it describes many adventures of Gawain, Torre, and Pellinore in which they unveil their loyalty or un-loyalty towards the king. In the very beginning of this section, Merlin, and King Arthur are talking about marriage for Arthur. Merlin states that the woman Arthur sets eyes on already has someone to love. But he states that he would do anything to please Arthur even to go to King
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