The Green Supply Chain Management

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1. Introduction The increase in the level of consumption of material and energy by economic growth leads to environmental issues and problems of resources depletion. Organisations has become increasingly notable to balance the economic and environmental performance due to pressure of competition and community . A new concept of environmental friendliness, also known as sustainable supply chain or green supply chain is now trending in various organisations involved in supply chain business. The green supply chain management is the process of combination of environment protection and day to day supply chain management, including its different parts like material sourcing, designing of product, selection of material, manufacturing process and…show more content…
Green supply chain management transpire as a new approach to attain environmental and financial benefits by diminishing impact and environmental risk at the same time . Now a day’s globalisation is increasing chances or offers for buyers. If the buyers will demand environment friendly product, the supplier will make more green products which will lead to environment protection. An organisation should focus on green supply chain as a social cause not for social cause or public image. Manufacturers should need to work with their raw material suppliers to provide them environmental friendly products, through this manufacturers can set a benchmark for the suppliers in process of supply chain management . The manufactured goods are further transported in ecofriendly manner, big companies are adopting techniques to maintain sustainability. The main aim of the organisations to perform green supply chain management is to fulfil the expectations of international markets to improve financial and environmental performance. Manufacturers are only involving those suppliers who are engaged in ecofriendly supply of raw material, and transportation which can meet the environmental regulations and standards. 2. Benefits of Green supply chain management. Green supply chain helps in the proper usage of all the available resources for production of an alliance. By implementing green supply chain management process through their whole business and taking ecofriendly decisions, companies
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