The Greenhouse Effect On Earth

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The greenhouse effect is what gives life on earth to be able to survive. The climate change in our earth is caused by the greenhouse gasses that surround us keeping energy in the atmosphere which can cause the earth increase its climate. Theses gasses are created by what humans do on earth. For example, driving vehicles, cutting down trees, and other activities. This complication could turn into a threat to our safety and health on earth. Also, this could destroy ecosystems. Carbon dioxide is one of the main greenhouse gasses that plants and trees take in and release into the atmosphere in the form of oxygen. Since the earth is not storing CO2 and releasing it back into the atmosphere as oxygen, it is possible that one day
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A guide will be provided to help recognize the types of species. Record the measurements of the dbh in centimeters (cm). Allometric equations will be used to determine the total dry biomass of each tree from the dbh measurement. Before completing this step, estimate the aboveground biomass with the equations created by Jenkins. Once the aboveground biomass has been gathered, estimate the belowground biomass by taking half of the aboveground biomass. Take into consideration that this can vary from species to species and also with the factors of the environmental environment. Next, combine the aboveground and belowground in order to calculate total biomass for each tree. Estimate the amount of biomass per unit area by finding the sum of biomass for every tree within the same plot. Divide by sampling the area (400 m2) to determine biomass/m2. Multiply the value by 10,000 (10,000 m2 =1 ha) to calculate the biomass per hectare (ha). To determine the total biomass of each forest use the total land area. University Woods is 8.5 ha stand; this is under 5% pine. Next, figure the amount of how much carbon is sequestered by the trees in this forest. The total biomass stored as carbon is about 45%. Multiply 0.45 by the total tree biomass to find the mass of carbon. To figure the amount of CO2 would be needed to metabolize to store carbon, multiply the mass of carbon by 1.65. This will estimate the amount of
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